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June 20, 2012 / moreorlesley

What the hell happened to The Sandlot Kids?

One of my favorite movies is The Sandlot. I like it so much that when friends of mine have said they’ve never seen it, I will make them watch it. This is a fact. It’s also a very quotable movie, “You’re killing me, Smalls.” I find it kind of odd/amazing that not one of those kids ever went on to success as an adult actor or got arrested and had a mugshot on TMZ. The latter part is really impressive considering there were 9 of them, and being former child stars, the odds are certainly stacked against them. I’m going to make it my mission to find out what happened to them.

Scotty Smalls

He has a movie coming out this year that co-stars Weiner Dog from Welcome to the Dollhouse. He was also in Mystic River and  lot of other things, so it’s good that he’s still a working actor. According to his imdb page he had a kid at age 18. Let’s just hope he doesn’t end up the Eddie Furlong route owing thousands of dollars in back child support payments. Below is a recent photo.

Benny ‘The Jet” Rodriguez

Every girl wanted him and every boy wanted to be him. Fact. Plus he was super nice and a baseball superstar. He was just too good to be true. He quit acting and became a firefighter, which is super hot. He’s also married and has 2 kids, how typical.

Hamilton “Ham” Porter

Every kids’ movie about sports has to have a token fat guy. Ham was also in that soccer movie, The Big Green. He’s now married and is a Scientologist. Why is every other random actor and their mother drinking that Kool-Aid these days? He’s still kind of acting. And creepily looks exactly the same.

Michael “Squints” Palledorous

He surprisingly played a bully on the awesome but short lived show, Freaks and Geeks and also did a guest stint on the Gilmore Girls. His most recent credit was playing Squints in a direct to video Sandlot sequel. You’re killing me, Squints.

Alan “Yeah-Yeah” McClennan

So, I guess I lied about none of them ending up on TMZ. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. Apparently he was in Vegas for St. Patrick’s Day and was sleeping off a hangover in his hotel but the maid thought he was dead. He was also arrested in 2009 for allegedly smacking his girlfriend. Yeah-yeah, that’s a big no-no. It’s a shame cause he turned out to be pretty hot.

Kenny DeNunez

He hasn’t done a whole lot of acting since the Sandlot and the Mights Ducks movies. He’s now also a rapper by the name of B. Lee.

Bertram Grover Weeks

Another one who quit acting. He’s not a band manager which is pretty cool.

Tommy Timmons

So far, this is going to be the toughest one to track down anything on. He hasn’t done any acting since the Sandlot. Not even a guest spot on Full House. Even the wonders of google can’t find anything on him. Below is the most recent pic I could find but I don’t even think it’s him even though everyone on the interwebs insists it is. Either way it cracks me up so I had to share.

Timmy Timmons

Another one who’s info is coming up short. Those sneaky Timmons brothers. I found a LinkenIn profile, but I don’t want to creep in case it’s not him. Once again I don’t really think that below image is him but it’s ALL I could find. It looks more like that virgin cowboy from the second season of The Real World. I’m beginning to think there are people out there who bear a slight resemblance to some obscure child star and take a picture of themselves and slap it on the internet. Let’s be serious, who else besides me would actually question it.

Well that was pretty anti-climactic. It’s good they all turned out ok, but really I wanted to uncover a lot of major dirt. That’s all right, there are plenty more random celebrities for that. Hey, doesn’t the Today show reunite cast of old sitcoms? Why don’t they start doing that for movies. The Sandlot could be their first installment. I’m considering going on a hunger strike until that happens.


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