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June 13, 2012 / moreorlesley

Things I wish would really happen

Going off of what I posted about yesterday, I’d now like to reveal things that should become a reality.

Boo the Dog does a guest stint on Degrassi

I’m a big fan of Degrassi, but it’s gone way downhill as of late. I don’t have high hopes for the upcoming season, but they’ve surprised me in the past. Honestly, I’ve already invested so much of my time in the previous 11 seasons, that I feel I need to stick it out. For my own sanity though, it needs to end soon so I can carry in with the rest of my life. However, if the writing continues to be lame, at least with an adorable distraction like Boo, I can be forgiving. Plus, I’d rather watch Boo sleep for 4 hours straight than another episode devoted to that awful Katie. Vom.

Taco Bell brings back the 7 Layer Crunch Wrap

I don’t care if fast food is bad for you, every once and a while, I just crave it. Hey, I’m only human. Sure I’ll hate myself for about 20 minutes to an hour after having it, but typically I’m at the mall or something when it happens, so I’ll make sure to climb the escalator instead of coasting it to get some extra cardio in. And for weight lifting, carrying around shopping bags filled with platform heels and bangle bracelets also does wonders. Seriously, the 7 Layer Crunch wrap was 7 layers of amazingness. The fact that it was available for a limited time only makes me shed a tear. If there’s a big enough following on this matter, someone should start a petition to bring it back.

A Hello Kitty amusement park opens in the US

If this were to happen, I’d totally plan my next vacation around it. It’d be awesome. Alas, if I want to party with HK and friends, I’ll have to either go to the Sanrio park in Japan or wait until the Hello Kitty park opens in China in 2014.

The Jamaican Bobsled team wins an Olympic gold medal

Who doesn’t love a great underdog story? Cool Runnings is an awesome movie, but it’s not entirely factual in the sense that the real story states the Jamaicans were welcome with open arms during their first Olympics. I can overlook this because that movie includes Sanka Coffee’s Jamaican Bobsled song, which is coincidentally the best original movie song ever. Besides, if there was no conflict it would have been a really boring movie. Even still, it would be all kinds of fantastic if the Jamaicans won the gold at the next winter Olympics.

Adele and Taylor Swift date the same guy and then write and perform a song about him

Fact: if you date and then subsequently spurn either of these women you will be the subject of at least one of their songs. But imagine if they dated the same guy and then collaborated on his d-bagness? Holy moly that would be epic! I’m counting on John Mayer to make this happen, since he already burned Swift. He’s a big enough man-whore for the job. Don’t let me down, Mayer.



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